We like dogs

We like dogs

Would you like to enjoy the food and the view together with your pet? No problem! Your dog is also most welcome at Tóterasz café! Here are some suggestions – or rather golden rules – to follow when coming with our pet, in order to ensure a positive experience for both you and your dog.


1. Always keep an eye on your dog!

Our staff likes dogs, but we cannot guarantee that all the guests are dog lovers too. Do not disturb other guests and keep your dog close to you – unless people at the table next to you want it otherwise. :)


2. Feeding your dog in the restaurant

You want to share some of your food with your pet? Sure, but please use the dog bowl provided for that purpose. Feel free to ask our staff for further help.


3. Dogs are not allowed to beg for food at other guests’ tables!

Those puppy eyes might always melt your heart, but please don’t test them at the table of other guests. :)


4. Don’t let your dog get bored – a little walk is good for both of you!

You might want to sit and enjoy the view and the wine for hours, but your don’t forget about your dog. Please take your dog for a walk at least every hour so your pet can stretch their legs and relieve themselves.


5. Dog treats: anywhere, anytime!

A couple of tasty dog treats can prevent your dog from running around or begging from other people. Feel free to give treats to your dog.

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The view of the Vajdahunyad Castle – built for the 1896 Millennial Exhibition – is unparallelled from a boat in the summer or from the ice during the winter. Then moor your boat for a refreshing drink or a light summer lunch or dinner – you won’t regret it!




Whether you are looking for a refreshment or a delicious dinner, you will find what you need at Tóterasz! Tóterasz awaits you in a unique environment, next to the lake of Városliget!


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